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Banglore hotel
Banglore hotel

Business meeting in Bangalore was a good opportunity to refresh myself

My job is very challenging and there are very few holidays. The hotel that I manage is a very old and popular one which makes my job tougher as people come with great expectations. It is not easy to maintain the consistency day after day and also look for improvements all the time. It is very hard to find to go out and enjoy myself. Thus, when I was asked to attend a business meeting in Bangalore, I was excited as it not only gave me a break from work, but also allowed me to explore some of the wonderful places of the lovely garden city of India.

All the expenses for travel and accommodation were well covered by the Company

I was on the official tour and thus I had no worries about the travel and accommodation. I could enjoy all the luxury in the world which in fact was the reward of the hard work. I traveled in Business class with Air Asia from Chandigarh to Bangalore. It is always comfortable to travel in business class. I had a luxurious travel to Bangalore and then took a cab from Airport to the hotel.  

Accommodation was already booked and just had to check-in



Banglore hotel

The company had already made all the arrangements for my stay in a luxurious 4-star Bangalore Hotel well within the city. I do not know about the fare, but the facilities and the arrangements were really good. I did not like the location, but it was not something that mattered too much. The most important thing was that it was close to the meeting venue for which I was there.

Lal Bagh of Bangalore had all the glimpses of the garden city

After finishing the meeting, I still had a lot of time to visit some of the attractions of Bangalore. Lal Bagh was close to close to the hotel, so I decided to explore the place. The garden was majestic with hundreds of varieties of plants.


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1. Lal Bagh was actually a botanical garden with one of the most diverse species of plants, including flowering plants, medicinal plants, bonsai plants and more.

2. The garden was really huge and it took me about 3 hours to cover all the main attractions of the garden.
3. Some of the sections were simply marvelous and unique while a few like bonsai section lacked variety.

4. I also observed that there were various types of plant bulbs, seeds and saplings were being sold to the public. I wanted to buy a few, but it was impossible for me to carry them back to Chandigarh.

5. The particular sections of the garden that I enjoyed most were Bengaluru border tower and flower clock. Glass house was also a unique attraction which was worth watching.

6. The entry fee to the garden was just Rs 10. It was like a free tour.

The garden was very beautiful and it was an experience of a lifetime for me. I can still feel the freshness of those lovely flowers in the garden.