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Bhubaneswar Railway Station
Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Bhubaneswar Where Food is Served Just Right!


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Coming to Bhubaneswar and not trying their delicious food is not really happening. If you are a foodie, you should not want to miss the opportunity to taste some royal food with perfect blend of Indian spices along with international touch of ingredients!

Visiting Bhubaneswar, you must try the following restaurants:

Mayfair Lagoon

Mayfair lagoon is an international five star hotel of Bhubaneswar that is a perfect blend of Indian taste with the pinch of international dressing. One must have food in the multi-cuisine restaurant to know the different and unique cuisines of this city!

Choosing a restaurant can be difficult because every visitor have a different pattern and taste of their favorite food. Under the roof of this restaurant, you will experience every cuisine flavored with perfect spices and dressing and its sure to be above your expectation.


The perfect taste of Oriya food can only be experienced in Dalma Restaurant. With the friendly staff and soothing interior, one can enjoy their perfect meal alone as well. A traveler does not really need a company to enjoy their food. Dalma offers delicious dishes that you will not forget in a hurry!

Venus Inn Restaurant

Venus Inn offers a wide variety of dishes and cuisines under one roof. Such perfection is appreciated mainly by the international visitors. International tourists are not quite familiar with the spices used in India and thus find the food really spicy. Since Indians are known for welcoming their guests with open heart, Bhubaneswar also has restaurants which uphold this tradition.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Bhubaneswar Railway Station | Image Resource :

The Zaika

One can enjoy the pleasant ambience with great food in an affordable price in The Zaika. As the name suggests, every dish is unique on its own and there is no doubt the food in this restaurant will be enjoyed by the guests who are from both local and international destinations.

Visitors may enjoy the Zaika of Bhubaneswar by traveling in the express trains arriving in Bhubaneswar Railway Station. The station is the head quarter of Eastern Cost Railway zone. It includes two major lines: Howrah-Chennai main line and Kharagpur-Puri Line and interconnecting other lines from different regions.

The station accommodates more than 750 halting trains and 35 originating trains on a daily basis. Passengers will witness the crowd once they step on the platform which is more than 1 lakh in number on daily basis. Bhubaneswar is also known as one of the clean stations in Indian railways.

No matter which region you travel from, you will find the available trains interlinked with 8 broad gauge tracks in the middle. In order to start your journey in comfortable manner, you must book the ticket online without hassling around on the platform. You will receive the confirmation with your seat number on your phone itself. It is as simple as that! So get ready to enjoy the delicious food of Bhubaneswar.